SpecLine is located in the heart of RTP



Founded in 2008, SpecLine Consulting is the result of an NC State Alum that wanted to provide quality consulting to the growing RTP area. From the beginning, SpecLine cultivated its business through developing trusted and close-knit relationships with its clients, becoming a reliable partner for consecutive projects.


Our mission to provide clients with project-driven, customized expertise is made possible by the proactive individuals who have chosen SpecLine as their home for personal and professional growth. We are team players and resourceful problem solvers, who are fully committed to becoming your trusted partner throughout the regulatory manufacturing life cycle.

Customer Focused

SpecLine develops comprehensive, strategic solutions for biopharmaceutical manufacturing companies through our qualification and validation services. From equipment validation and project management, to helping our clients maintain compliance, our team of dedicated and expertly trained staff consistently focuses on meeting our client’s goals. We provide you with a promise to support you throughout the entire lifecycle of a project.

Goal Driven

Holding ourselves to the highest industry standards, we ensure that our clients get the very best in cost effective approaches and deliverables. Our success comes from our ability to manage projects. With our clients in mind, we establish a scope of work, schedule, budget, and method to accomplish every task resourcefully and reliably. We hold ourselves, and all members of the project team, accountable for their respective areas of responsibility. Our clients repeatedly turn to us to kick-start projects—no job is too small or too large.

Compliance First

Navigating the scientific and regulatory industry requirements can be a daunting task. With our experience and dedication to remaining up to date on all current compliance standards, we ensure that with every project we undertake, compliance comes first. We truly want to help you succeed, and we understand that this success is built upon establishing productive, solid relationships, paying attention to the details, and defining the scope of our projects within the context of FDA regulations.