2015 ISPE NCSU Student Chapter: Consulting Panel

Jessamyn had the opportunity to attend and speak at the Consulting Panel hosted by the ISPE North Carolina State Student Chapter at the BTEC Building on NCSU’s Centennial Campus. The panel comprised of 4 consulting professionals including herself. The questions revolved around the day-to-day activities of consulting jobs in biopharmaceutical industries. The panel was able to discuss the necessary qualities that are needed to excel at consulting including both the social and intellectual aspects. The event was closed with a networking session where students had the chance to learn more about each particular company. The event was very successful, allowing Jessamyn to not only promote SpecLine as a company but promote consulting as whole. The team would like to thank the Student Chapter for inviting Jessamyn to speak and we look forward to participating in other events in the future!


2015 ISPE Tech Conference

The SpecLine Team attended the 22nd Annual ISPE CASA Life Sciences Technology Conference located at the Conference Center in downtown Raleigh, NC. The team was very excited for the conference this year to debut our new marketing material! We had a good stream of visitors throughout the day including old and new contacts leading to a lot of potential clients for the future. The team would like to thank everyone that had a chance to stop by our booth and network with us. Overall, the team had a great time and we are looking forward to next year!


Medicago Facility Tour 22Jan2015

Multiple members of the team had the opportunity to partake in the Bio-manufacturing and Process Development (BPD) Medicago Facility Tour. The event started with a company overview that explained the science behind their Bio-manufacturing processes. The facility tour included a detailed walk-through of the whole process from synthesis to creation of the vaccine. The event concluded with networking and refreshments. This event provided a great learning and networking opportunity; allowing the team not only to network with Medicago but with other professionals in the area. SpecLine is looking forward to attending and supporting BPD Events in the future.


SpecLine Attends the ISPE Annual Meeting

In October 2014 Ms. LeAnna Pearson attended the ISPE Annual Meeting in Las Vegas.  This meeting was a mixing pot of the industry and had representatives from across the globe.  The Key Note speaker, Mr. Dinesh Thakur, who is the Executive Chairman at MedAssure Global Compliance Corporation spoke about combating the evolving risks in pharmaceutical sourcing and manufacturing.  As the former Director & Global Head, Research Information & Portfolio Management at Ranbaxy, it was Mr. Thakur who reported the company’s failings to the US FDA.  His talked focused on the need for an independent, third-party monitoring of the supply chain to ensure consistency in the quality of medicines supplied to all countries.

During the Young Professionals & Student lunch Ms. Pearson in conjunction w3ith a director on the International Board of Directors for ISPE, gave a presentation on Developing a 1, 2 & 5 Year Career Plan.  This presentation was so well received that Ms. Pearson was asked by the International Young Professionals Committee to start an International Book Club based on personal and professional development. This book club is scheduled to start in January 2015.


State of Research Triangle Region Event

SpecLine attended the annual Research Triangle State of the Region event yesterday.  As a small, growing business it was invigorating and affirming.  We made the right decision to start our company here in North Carolina.  What a great place for business.  The vision that the Research Triangle Region group put into action some fifty years ago has made it possible for so many of us to be so successful in growing and having an ideal life here.  Not only is it a great place to live but a perfect place to have started and continue to grow our consulting firm.  The resources here for businesses are things that I sometimes take for granted.  The talent available in the region is better than that of most places in the US.  For these reasons I am so glad to have put down roots here in the Research Triangle Region.


2014 ISPE Technology Conference

The team attended the 21st Annual ISPE CASA Life Sciences Technology Conference located at the Convention Center in downtown Raleigh.  We all had a great time networking with new and old contacts.  Our booth location was prime, giving a good ebb and flow of visitors throughout the day; which also allowed multiple team members to participate in the educational seminars in both the morning and afternoon sessions and have time to experience the other exhibits too.  We had a great turn out, with a lot of hopeful potential clients for the future.  Overall, we had a wonderful time with lots of networking opportunities and even had time for some team bonding.  The event was a huge success and we would like to thank everyone that stopped by our booth.  We are looking forward to the next Conference!


BTEC-ISPE Career Fair

SpecLine attended, for the first time, the 8th annual BTEC-ISPE Career Fair.  The event was hosted by the BTEC Center located on NC State University’s Centennial Campus.  The fair comprised of multiple companies from the biomanufacturing and biopharmaceutical industries.  Our team was very excited to have the opportunity participate and mingle with potential candidates.  The BTEC Career Fair is an invite only event, therefore the potential candidates that we were able to interact with were interested in our specific industry and very eager to learn more about SpecLine as a whole.  Overall, this event was very successful!  The team was able to meet with multiple potential future employees and promote SpecLine at the same time.  We look forward to returning to the BTEC-ISPE Career Fair next Spring!


ΑΩΕ Professional Development Event

Jessamyn attended a professional development event at North Carolina State University where she was invited to speak to undergraduate women in engineering hosted by the professional engineering sorority, Alpha Omega Epsilon. She was an active member in the sorority all four years of her undergrad and being able give back as an alumna meant a lot to her. The event was held on campus so that younger students could also attend; the age group of the attendees ranged from fall freshmen and graduating seniors. The event started out with a short networking segment followed by a panel for Q&A and finishing with another short networking segment with refreshments.  The Q&A panel consisted of four alumni from the sorority with different engineering backgrounds and jobs. As the only employee from a consulting firm, Jessamyn had more of a variety of experiences with different environments that she could share than her fellow alumni. Since N.C State does not have Validation Engineering courses, she explained the timeline of a project, starting with the generation of the protocol and providing details all the activities involved with the execution. Through her experiences within SpecLine; Jessamyn was able to give a brief overview of what validation is but also the importance of validation in the Biopharma Industry to students that would have otherwise never had to opportunity to learn about the validation process. SpecLine strives to provide strong leadership to the community and will continue to offer their skills and expertise to help develop quality professionals for the future.


Analytical Symposium and Networking Event

SpecLine recently attending a Biomanufacturing and Process Development (BPD) event held at the NC Biotechnology Center.   This is an event that provides a forum for scientist and engineers to discuss bioprocessing issues and hot topics.  This group meets 6-7 times per year and this was a first time attendance for SpecLine.   We walked into a room that had an intimate yet professional atmosphere with a large projection screen at the front of the room and round tables with white linens and fall centerpieces.  As we waited for the event to start up we chatted with Dr. Jonathan Sexton who is not only a BPD Committee member but also the first presenter of the day.   Dr. Sexton was my PI in graduate school and has always been an enthusiastic speaker, but he seemed extra excited about this event and I knew why; this event was all about “Omics”.   Over the next 3 hours we heard from a variety of speakers on the topics of glycoprotein characterization, metabolomics, proteomics and microbial strain optimization from various institutions.   In the middle of all this there was a networking break where we got to meet the wide variety of attendees.  This forum brings University faculty, students and postdocs together with industry members to make a mass meeting of the minds.   SpecLine is focused on providing quality service to the biotech industry and to this we strive to stay atop new research that is happening in our backyard.  The BPD event will be one that SpecLine continues to support and attend.